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Site Under Re Construction.

I am going to spend the next few weeks and rebuild the site from scratch.

There are countless code errors and honestly the site is barely hanging in and functional at
the present moment.

I know that many of the South Carolina Prep Writers are starting to work on the
Pre Season Guides. If you need any information or stats then please let me know

I started the work on June 27th, 2015 and hope to have everything complete in 3 or 4 weeks.

Dave Pickren

864 316 9966

Update 7/16
I have corrected the database error messages and rebuilt the database which was time consuming. I added 8000 new records and corrected around
8500 bad records.....very redundant

* I have put a new DWT to the site that is error free
* Links are still a work in progress
* The teams section is sort fo working, still have issues here and a lot fo work to finish
* The coaches is working fairly well
* The Series Record is now functional
* I have not entered 2014 or 2015 coaches information
* 2014 results and 2015 schedules are added
* There is no formatting or structure to any page, just trying to get it working.
* Most of the links are not operations at this time.
* Hope to find some more time this week to continue working.

This error has continually popped up. If anyone knows how to correct the error and help me with a solution then I would be greatlyl appreciative.

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