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Welcome to the High School History Website

The purpose of the SC Football History is to highlight and document the history of High School Football in South Carolina. Over the past 18 years I have gathered a number of scores covering over 63 years of results from 1950 - 2014.

Our ultimate goal is to gather and document scores from every game ever played in South Carolina. The information gathered here is available to press and fans free of charge. All I ask is that you reference the site if you use information contained within. That will allow the site to grow, corrections to
be made and make more people aware of the site.

2015 Region Standing 2015 Region Schedule and Results
Class 4A       Class 3A      Class 2A     Class A

Class 4A       Class 3A    Class 2A     Class A
Current Streaks and Records Final Regular Season -- 2015 AP Polls
( Click here  for past AP Poll)
Winning Streak
           25 - Dillon Lions  

Losing Streak
           30 - Eau Claire Shamrocks

Regular Season Wins
           19 - Dillon Lions  

Region Winning Streak
           30 - Dillon Lions

Region Losing Streak
           21 - Eau Claire Shamrocks

Home Winning Streak
           0 - The High School Here

Home Playoff Winning treak
           0 - The High School Here

Consecutive Winning Seasons
           21 - Dorman High School

Consecutinve Losing Seasons
           0 - The High School Here
Consecutive Playoff Seasons
           46 - Summerville Greenwave

Consecutive Games Scoring
          0 - The High School Here

Most Points in a Season
          0 - The High School Here

Most Shutouts in a Season
          0 - The High School Here

Fewest Points Allowed in a Season
          0 - The High School Here

Highest Scoring Game (2 Teams)
          0 - The High School Here

Consectutive Games Scoring 20 or more
          0 - The High School Here

Consectutive Games Scoring 20 or more
          0 - The High School Here

Consectutive Games Scoring 20 or more
          0 - The High School Here

Class 4A Class 2A
1 Fort Dorchester 1Dillon
2 Spartanburg 2 Fairfield Central
3 Byrnes 3 Woodruff
4 Northwestern 4 Strom Thurmond
5 Lexington 5 Abbeville
6 Westside 6 Newberry
7 Sumter 7 Timberland
8 Ashley RIdge 8 Chesterfield
9 Hillcrest 9 Saluda
10 Dutch Fork 9 Silver BLuff
Class 3A Class 1A
1 Hartsville 1 Bamberg Ehrhardt
2 Greer 2 Calhoun COunty
3 Chapin 3 Allendale Fairfax
4 Seneca 4 McBee
5 South Pointe 5 Southside Christian
6 Airport 6 CE Murray
7 Hilton Head 7 Lake View
8 Myrtle Beach 8 Cross
9 Midland Valley 9 Lamar
10 Belton Honea Path 10 Christ Church
Annual Pages
Enclosed here are the final standings and realignments for each of the past 65 football seasons. I have entered here the following information, state champions, final region standings, playoff brackets, shrine bowl team and North South All Stars. This is a massive work in progress but we are moving quckly to finish

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All Tme Overall Records
The current to the best of our knowledge, All Time - Loss record for all South Carolina High School Football Teams

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School Summry Page
A link ot the history of the South carolina high schools including how the school was formed, championship trophies and additional facts

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The Blog Realignment and ADMs
My original intent when I starrted this site was to write about the history of South Carolina Football. I have set up a blog here that wil update everyone on the site as well include information on hte history of the game. Please VISIT the blog
 The SC Football History Blog
Change is in the future as the state of South Carolina introduces the 5 class system. Check out the proposal and the ADMshe

                 The 2016- 2018 South Carolina Realignment
                 2016 ADM for South Carlina Realignment
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